Factors Trigger Premature Ejaculation

Factors Trigger Premature Ejaculation Previously been explained about the meaning of premature ejaculation and how to cope with premature ejaculation after you know it now you have to know whether you belong to the group of patients with premature ejaculation or not. you can use hammer of thor for resolving problem.
Premature ejaculation can indeed interfere with intimate relationships, even women will be disappointed if their partner experienced it. Already many households are less harmonious due to the condition.
We need to know that ejaculation is caused by many factors. However, the medical side until now has never known exactly the cause of premature ejaculation that actually. Men always exaggerate and boast when talking sexual problems, whereas women are more skilled with the ability to have sex intimate to have a longer sexual relationship than men.
Your sexual relationship is certainly less than the maximum when you experience premature ejaculation. As an early stage let us identify factors causing premature ejaculation so that it can build and control the ability of sex in order to rival women’s sexual ability.

– Gen-factor
In the human body, there are sexual organs and nervous system that are useful in sexual activity or reproductive system. Premature ejaculation is often juxtaposed with genes that are less good. Gen itself has a meaning as a unit of inheritance of nature for living organisms or the precise meaning is DNA inherited from parents. A bad gene factor can make you feel an orgasm too soon. However, these factors can be changed in a proper way so you will be far from the name of premature ejaculation.

– Masturbation

Premature ejaculation is sometimes associated with frequent masturbation and is done in the wrong way. This habit is often done by young people whose goal is only to satisfy themselves in a way that is less good. Masturbation is done with a high frequency can lead to immunity to the penile nerve that occurs penile nerve will respond quickly when sexual stimulation occurs. Unfortunately, this habit becomes a big mistake that will disrupt your sexual life in the future. If you are still doing these habits, immediately stop him before anything bad happens to your sexual relationship. Immediately start your sex life well by doing regular exercise, changing a healthy diet, and a good lifestyle.

– Excessive passion
Sexual excitement and excessive arousal can lead to an uncontrolled ejaculation system so that ejaculation will occur quickly. You should avoid this condition in order to keep your passions in control. Gentle and patient sexual intercourse will bring an extraordinary pleasure to enjoy in a hurried way.