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What You Should Know About Degaussers You need to use a degausser if your intention is to completely erase the data on your hard disk. If you are like most people, you probably delete data on your hard disk using your PC. Deleting data this way does not actually completely delete it, but only moves it to an inaccessible part of the hard drive. This is why it is possible to recover data from a hard drive that has been formatted. However, you can use a degausser to completely wipe off data from your hard drive. Degaussing randomizes the data in the hard drive such that it cannot be recovered through any means. The average consumer usually has weak data protection practices. For example, it is common to find people selling their hard drives without having erased it. If you do not erase your hard drive clean, a malicious person can recover the data and use it to blackmail you. Thus, formatting the hard drive before selling it is not enough. You should make the data irrecoverable. The best way of ensuring this is through degaussing. Regardless of who you are, it is important to degausse your hard drive before selling it. If you are a business looking to replace your aging computers, wiping the hard drive clean is important. You do not want your confidential business operations data falling on the wrong hands. Government institutions also usually have sensitive data. Degaussing should be a primary requirement for government departments. Generally, degaussing should be used by anyone who does not want their hard drive data to be accessible to other parties when they have sold the storage devices.
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Guide to Degaussing Degaussing relies on magnetism to erase data on a hard drive. Most hard drives have a magnetic strip inside where data is stored. The data on the strip is converted to digital format when the hard drive is inserted into a computer. On conversion, users see the data on the computer in form of audio, text or video files.
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Degaussers use magnetisms to erase data on the hard disk. Degaussers produce a strong magnetic field. When a storage device is introduced into this magnetic field, the data magnetic strip is damaged. The data on the hard drive is randomized to the extent that it cannot be recovered. This is why it is impossible to retrieve data from a hard drive that has been degaussed. There are different types of degaussers in the market. Electromagnetic degaussers are among the most common types. The above is an overview of what you should know about degaussers.