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How to Find the Best Menstrual Cup

Whenever it is that you are going the menstrual cup way, there are several aspects to consider in order getting the best fit for you?

is there need to measure the menstrual cup It is a fact that many of the ladies will think that they will need to measure the size of their lady parts. all this being done to get a result for their sizes. However, this is not the case with the menstrual cups. this being the case because the menstrual cups are well fitting thus no need measuring. On the other hand, you will need help from your gynecologist who can also examine you to determine the type of cup that may best suit you. This will be based on the positioning of your cervix where there will be those with the lower cervix and also those with the medium and high cervix. All in all, it is worth noting that the whole process of finding the best fit may come up as a trial and error mechanism.

What level of firmness do you require? it is a fact that most of our ladies will be looking to find out the exact firmness that they require on their walls and also on the menstrual cup for it to function accordingly. Worth noting is that the menstrual cup has to be able to open once it is inserted. all in all this will highly depend on the strength of the walls.

So, in that case, you will find that the ladies who exercise will have firm vaginal walls and thus also require a firm cup. For instance, they may try the Diva cup. , on the other hand, the fewer firm walls will work best with the fewer firm cups.

Crucial fact about the menstrual cups

It is a fact is that menstrual cups offer large bonuses to ladies using them. This s the case since they are not disposed of after use. And with regard with this it is crucial to know that the menstrual cups cost just between 20 to 30 dollars. however, when comparing the cost of the cups with regard to the duration of time that it will be functional, it is rather cheap. When looking at the pads and tampons, they are cheap, but one has to use too many a day, and that elevates the whole sum used to purchase them. when looking to achieve the best from the cups, it has to be cleaned appropriately. The cleaning has to be done with body wash and hot water. With this in place the cup will be germ-free and ready for re use.

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